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Welcome To The Home of Publius on The Web
Welcome to the Right side of the Web. Publius is not a man, never was. The name has been a pseudonym for various individuals throughout the ages. Most notably it was the pen name shared by several of the drafters and supporters of the US Constitution in the Federalist Papers.

Our use of the name is as a symbol of many things, most specifically our belief in the role of government and the rights of man.
Our Beliefs
All men are created equal.
All men are endowed by God with certain inalienable rights.
That government exists and rule by the will of the governed.
That those that serve in government have an obligation to the people first and themselves last.
That man when left to his own devices and permitted freedom will achieve more.
And finally that government is a necessary evil that should be limited as much as practicable.

About Campaigns
Campaigns are quests of sorts. Attempts to raise the public consiousness about an issue event or person and effect change.

We choose the topic of campaigns based upon our core beliefs. When a law, public official or event contradicts our core beliefs they become a target for a "call to arms" for all free thinking individuals.
Current Campaign
South Carolina is the only State that elects its' Adjutant General. This position receives little attention because few people understand the position. The Adjutant General of a state is responsible for training and manning the National Guard of that state. Since most Americans understand little the role of the military most feel unqualified to vote for such an office.

Stan Spears is the current Adjutant General of South Carolina. He is currently running for reelection. We have decided to add Stan to our campaign list because we believe and can show that a reasonable man if presented with the facts would question his qualifications.

Specifically Stan has solicited, indirectly and without his knowledge according to him, campaign contributions from his subordinates.

54% of his subordinates that contributed to his campaign were promoted compared to 29% that did not contribute.

Stan has taken several trips overseas to visit troops, our reports by individuals on the ground place Stan at the out door markets or hotel 99% of his time with very little troop visiting.

Stan has refused to close undermanned armories. His political base would not accept this. So money that should be spent training is spent instead maintaining nearly empty armories.

Stan has turned the entire SC National Guard into a recruiting organization, forsaking training. Numbers mean more dollars so Stan has shown he is less concerned with training troops to fight and win on the battlefield than he is making the books look good.

Why should we pick such a minor office as a focus for a campaign? Because the lives of the men and women that volunteer to defend us are at stake. We pay our tax dollars for a service that Stan Spears has not demonstrated the capacity to perform.


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